The Manor House in the village centre was used for the village Post Office over a long period. Built in 1911, it inherits the name of the original Manor House, which stood at the Western end of the village. The original Manor House was occupied by the husband of a co-heiress of William de Britrickstone, who died in the reign of Henry III. He took his wife’s name, and he and his descendants possessed the Manor House for seven generations. Subsequent occupants included Vincent Calmady (mid-16 th century), Sir Shilston Calmady, George Kermisham (early 17 th century), Samson Sandys (from 1652), Thomas Veale of Cofflete (from 1747) and The Reverend Richard Lane (parish vicar from 1802).

The last fragments of the building were removed in 1807 to make way for a modern residence, which was replaced by the present Manor House.

The date of the building of Manor Cottages is not known. Construction is with cob walls and the building was thatched at the turn of the century. No. 1 Manor Cottages was a shop until the 1950s, with a shoe repairer once working from there.