The photographs in this gallery of old Brixton appear by kind permission of Helen Budge.
The large cottage was knocked down for road widening; the green shrunk (see below)..
The central cottage was once a cattery!
Helen tells us that the figure is Ronald James on his way to a pint!

The Green

The Green is at the heart of our village.

The old gas lamp was erected to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. It was moved in 1964 from the Green to the Lifting Stock by Fred Yabsley and his father where it remains today.

The cottage which stood on the main road in front of Orchard Cottage was demolished in 1963 for road widening. Olive James and her son Colin (nickname Iskey) who lived in Orchard Cottage went to live in Yealmpton.

The Red Telephone box was installed in 1937 by The General Post Office where it stands today.