Regd. Charity No. 203604

Can there be a more pleasant occasion than a traditional Birtish tea party outside in the garden on a warm summer afternoon?

One such party early in August 2010 was hosted by the Feoffee Trustees at Trevenn, welcoming ten volunteer drivers of the Feoffee Car Driver Scheme, Co-ordinator Shirley Henwood, Elaine Tapper who cares for The Park and Graham Searle who manages the village website. The purpose was to thank all for their contributions to village life, which are promoted and supported by the Feoffee Trust, to review how the schemes wewe working and for the Trustees to receive feedbakc from the volunteers giving their perspective of the roles undertaken.

The business part of the afternoon was commendably short, but the social interaction over sausage rolls, cream and jam scones, a selection of biscuits and a plentiful supply of tea, considerably longer.

The afternoon was considered very worthwhile and enjoyed by all present.

Brenda Huxtable, Chair.

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