Regd. Charity No. 203604

The trustees are:

Left to right:

Paul Bassett, Sally Axell (Clerk), Melissa Landricombe, Liz Hitchins, Brenda Huxtable, Jackie Penney-Cousins.

There are five trustees and a Clerk who continue to carry out the stalwart work of the Trust. In addition there is a team of Trust drivers.
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Charity No. 203604

The Trust can provide financial support for individuals who have lived in Brixton Parish for a year or more. It can also assist organisations within Brixton village, such as youth and community groups.

This independent Trust was set up in the 1400s. For details of background, please see "History"( scroll down).

Under the terms of the Trust Deed, half of the net annual income is paid to St. Mary's Church, Brixton.

The Trustees, who are volunteers, meet regularly. The Clerk is paid an honorarium, decided annually, by the Trustees. Meetings are advertised in the Brixton Magazine.

Trustees' terms of office are: five years for co-optees and four years for nominees. (The Parish Council and Parochial Church Council nominate Trustees to serve on the Brixton Feoffee Trust for four years).

Funds are obtained from investments and from commercially let properties within the village. The Trust's charity number is 203604. Trustees are subject to Charity Commission regulations.


If you feel that the Brixton Feoffee Trust can help you or your organisation, or you know of any person or voluntary group in genuine need, please contact any of the Trustees (names listed below) or the Clerk to the Trust on If you would like to ask for help, please complete one of the application forms below and return it to the Clerk to the Trustees (Mrs. Sally Axell) at 15 Cherry Tree Drive, Brixton, Plymouth, PL8 2DD. The Trustees will consider applications at their next meeting. Applicants are usually visited by at least two Trustees to discuss their request further.


The Brixton Feoffee Trust runs a Car Scheme which takes Brixton residents who cannot provide transport of their own or use public transport to the doctor, dentist, optician, hospital, etc. The Car Scheme Organiser is paid an annual honorarium to cover her expenses. The Scheme also provides transport to visit close relatives or friends in hospital. If you or your family need such a service, please contact Mrs. Shirley Henwood, Co-ordinator of the Scheme, on 01752 880576.


The Brixton Feoffee Trust supports the provision of a taxi which will take Brixton residents to and from church for Services. If you need transport to get to church, please contact the Clerk to the Trustees, Mrs. Sally Axell, on 01752 880262 or by email on


The Feoffee Trust Car Scheme is entirely funded by the Trust, with a mileage allowance paid to volunteer drivers. Drivers are always needed - if you think you could give an hour or two a week on an occasional basis, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Clerk on 01752 880262 or or any of the Trustees, as mentioned above.


The first known Deed of the Trust (then known as the Brixton Feoffee Lands Charity) is recorded in Latin and was set up over 500 years ago in the early 1400s. It was for an estate near Yealmpton, named Blowden Torr.

The word Feoffee is an old English word meaning a gift, usually of land/property (Feoffment) to a charitable Trust.

The original Feoffee Charity was set up to distribute its income to the poor of Brixton, whose population of around 200 was scattered over five square miles of the parish in the hamlets and small farming communities which were all linked with the manors. In the late 1500s, it was described as follows:

"Being lands on the East side of the church, including the Higher Tenement and Lower Tenement . The rent and profit from the said lands shall - from time to time - be converted and employed for the reparation of the church and the relief and maintenance of poor and impotent in the Parish, and defraying other common charges of the Parish".

The Trustees in 1596 represented an area of the village:

Thomas Maynard - Church and Parish , John Fortescue - Spriddlestone , John Woods - Hareston , Walter Hele - Wollaton , John Frynke - Cofflete , Elize Towson - Winston (North of the main street, including Venn) , Robert Wourth - Brixton Reigny , Philip Forde - Brixton English, South of the main street. , In the earlier years, the Feoffee properties were not just confined to the area within the parish. The records show that they included:

Land at Plympton St. Mary, Wardscombe, Modbury, House and Orchard at Newton Ferrers, Houses at Silver Bridge. The "Church Houses", North of the Church, also belonged to the charity and were occasionally let with part of the "Playing Place" (now The Park). The line of Horse Chestnut trees in The Park (subject to a Tree Preservation Order) has replaced a line of elms. These elms were planted by the Fortescues of Spriddlestone in 1677. An extract from an engraved stone at that time reads ". when these elms are perfect in growth and sold), lands may be purchased with the money obtained for the relief of the poor of this parish and that posterity, reaping the advantage of our benefaction may be encouraged to provide for more successors by substituting others in the room of these."

In the late 1800s the charity provided the site - at no cost - for construction of a school beside Old Road. The school was constructed at a cost of 439, of which 400 came out of the charity's funds, with the remaining amount from voluntary subscriptions. Subsequently, in 1906, the Charity Commissioners ruled that no part of the income of the Brixton Feoffee Lands Charity may be used for educational purposes, and this situation remains.


The Trust Deed states that the net income each year shall be divided as follows:

"1. One half to the Parochial Church Council of St. Mary's Church, Brixton, for the upkeep, repair and insurance against fire of the fabric of the Parish Church, Brixton.

2. The remaining half of the income is applied in relief either generally or individually to persons resident in Brixton who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, by making grants of money or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce such conditions.

If the funds are not fully spent on individuals, the remainder is to be placed in a third fund, which is available for use by organisations for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Brixton. It is from this fund, for instance, that funding is supplied for the successful Car Travel Scheme."


Mrs. Liz Hitchins, Pippins, Horn Lane, Brixton, Plymouth, PL8 2AB

Tel: 01752 880715(Parish Council nominee)


Mrs. Brenda Huxtable, Trevenn, Tapps Lane, Brixton, Plymouth, PL8 2BZ

Tel: 01752 880551 (Co-opted)


Mrs. Melissa Landricombe, Hafod Lon, Brixton, Plymouth, PL8 2AH

Tel: 01752 881128 (Co-opted)


Mrs. Jackie Penney-Cousins, The Apple Loft, Wollaton, Brixton, Plymouth, PL8 2DL

Tel: 01752 881144 (Co-opted)


Mr. Paul Bassett, Hareston House, Brixton, Plymouth, PL8 2DL.

Tel: 01752 880426 (St. Mary's Church Parochial Church Council Nominee)


If you live in the parish of Brixton and would like to request assistance, please use one of the three application forms to be found via the links at the side of this page.

One is for general help for individuals and one is for those at school and/or coming up to school leaving age and/or at university who need help during the transition from school leaving to work, further vocational training, or university, such as books, travel costs, tools, or other items. The third is for applications from community organisations within the parish of Brixton.

APPLICATION OF INCOME FORMS - please see the side of this page at the top.





Dogs must be kept on leads, on the path and off the grass in the Feoffee Park